Some projects and experiments that I directly made or being part of.

phpMyAdmin Website

Redesign and brand update to phpMyAdmin project

Google Chrome Lighthouse

Automated auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for the web.


Made some Product Design decisions, updated the stylesheet architecture and made some small UI fixes.


Keeping the library updated with the latest browsers at the time

Webfont Generator CLI

Easy-to-use, pre-configured tool to generate webfont icon kits from a .svg files


Made with NuxtJS 2 (Vue), with constant updates and auto deployed on Netlify

Simple Badges

Simple Badges for Github profiles

Better Adrena

Chrome/Firefox extension to add new functionalities to a Brazilian forum


Most UIs created over the last years are under a non-disclosure agreement, so not everything can be publicly available.
You can see some of these projects below or on Behance